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Friday, December 5, 2008

An experiment.

I decided to do another version of "Heather", with keyboard, synth drums, and re-recorded guitar and vocals. The vocals, guitar, and keyboard/synth drums parts were recorded individually, then put together to make this:

And here's the song before I added the vocals: (For those who can't stand my voice =))

And the original:

It's rather odd playing a song named and inspired by your old crush ._.

Even so, it's really fun to play =)

Also, if you like the stuff I play, then you can find "I Didn't Know Where To Put This", my cover of the "F*** A Dog" riff by Blink-182, and "Heather" (re-recorded) on MySpace here:

It's amazing what can get done w/ a crappy old webcam.

Oh, and here's another song by request. It's a cover of "You Are A Pirate" from Lazy Town. Don't ask.

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