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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Take that, lava! I still have TWO rings!

Sonic 1-3 are just so awesome. There's something about certain old school games that today's can't emulate.

Oftentimes, I'll play a new game, and I'll go on until I'm bored. When I play an older one, I'll play until my frustration reaches its peak, or I've had too much fun for one day.

I'm sure it's been said before, but videogames are a form of entertainment, and are supposed to be "fun" or exciting. But the meaning of "fun" seems to have changed over time. Back then, fun was going on an epic adventure or trip to save the princess, stop the mad doctor, or save the world. Anyone who stood in your way was easily dispatched, and worth 100 points. Nowadays, fun seems to be long, exhausting levels, insanely difficult enemies, and eye candy. I'm all for graphics and a challenge, but some games come off as "visually attractive migranes". I sometimes wonder what the "fun factor" of today's games would be if that rating was still around. (I think it was gamepro who did that years go.)

In other news, I've done nothing but enjoy this weekend off, since school's been getting nutty lately. I finally beat Sonic's story in Sonic Adventure DX, and I REALLY dig the "Adventure Field" idea. But it got tiring after several hours of trying to figure out what you had to do to get where you were supposed to go next. Another gripe I had was the mouth animation. The mouth animation is GAWD AWFUL. It looked like someone took clothespins and stretched the character's mouths as far as they could go. These two are probably my only turnoffs, other than the iffy controls for the spindash with Sonic.

Speaking of Sonic, I love his level design. After playing both Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, I have to admit Sonic Adventure 1 had some better designs. First off, most of them weren't that difficult, and they had decent length; they weren't too long or short. The only exception was Sonic's last stage, which had some obnoxious jumping sections. Adventure 2's weren't that bad, but some felt long and drawn out, or even boring, while some felt obnoxiously difficult. However, they had some seriously awesome tracks; especially City Escape, Metal Harbor, and the jungle level. But the levels that I thought were TONS better in the 1st were Knuckles'. They weren't uber easy, but they were TONS easier than the horrific levels that he had in Sonic Adventure 2. To be honest, I cannot STAND Knuckles/Rouge's stages.

On a final note, I REALLY wish I could get a brown egg. I want a chocolate coated chao.

(btw, Robotnik's boss music in Sonic 2 ftw)

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