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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Serve your fellow countrymen, by serving me pancakes!

Today's mess makes monday's mess even worse haha. But as always, it ended up bein' pretty fun =)

I had to go to the bathroom during study, and then the bell rang RIGHT as I got out. That meant I had to do my spanish homework in comp. lab.

But, I ended up watching Garfield, so nothing got accomplished.

Math was boring like always, or it WAS until my nose started randomly bleeding...

And as we left the building, someone decided to hit the fire alarm, so when we left it was LOUD AS HELL AND MY EARS DIDN'T STOP RINGING FOR AN HOUR.

But I got a high-five from Celeste so everything was all cool. =D

And after that me and my sis got some hot dogs. They were awesome.

Oh yeah, I got my spanish homework done, but who cares! I got a high-five from Celeste, and no bus windows could stop us! Ah-ha!

Aight, I'm off to play some MGS. Happy Thanksgiving/Turkey Day y'all!

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