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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Everybody falls in love, but I think I'm a different case.

And here's another song. This one's another original, written and performed by me.

I think this one's one of the best ones I've written yet. Here's "All Alone":

Have you felt like everyone else has somebody else, but you're the only lonely in between? That's kinda what I had going on when I wrote this, and All Alone was the result. This was going to be another Ranting By Rocking but by the time I finished recording this I didn't feel that way anymore lol. But it's still kinda Ranting By Rocking, only I'm ranting for a different day =)

So in any case, I hope you enjoy, muss'd up lyrics and all. The pitch is horribly off at the end of the chorus. (The "nobody seems to care, nobody seems to know" section fyi)

Geez I sound like such a girl.

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