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Monday, November 24, 2008

Ain't gonna let the elevator break us down, oh no let's go.

This sucks. I have school in 2 hours and I CANNOT FREAKING SLEEP. For some reason I keep having weird ass dreams, then wake up. If I try to go back to sleep, I have another weird dream, and then wake up.

This weird chain of events is gettin' on my nerves, and it doesn't help that I had a dream about one of my pet peeves in gaming. (As in, you find out some thing's blowing up across the world and you only have a ridiculously short time to get the hell outta there.)

But by far the weirdest one was when I got involved in some weird dance off, and ended up dancing to Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" in my leather jacket like one of the kids from the Breakfast Club.

And my friend thought my jacket was rad.

In other news, I've beaten Sonic Adventure 2 at long last, and I absolutely loved the end. I don't know if I liked the end because it was cheesy, or the fact that it signaled the end of a horrid end sequence, or even because I played the original Dreamcast version but never finished it. In any case, I feel rather accomplished, and don't intend to replay that horrid last stage in a VERY long time. =)

No update for now, since I don't have anything cool to share with you guys. (Other than my crazy prince/school/leather jacketed/breakfast clubbin' dreams haha.)

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