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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kirby: Super Star Ultra

Lemme start off w/ saying one thing.


I just got Super Star Ultra and played it JUST last night. From what I've played it's a badass remake of Kirby: Super Star. (or Deluxe, or Fun Pak as some call it) Here are a few changes made that I've noticed:

-Graphical face-lift (Sprites look similar to Amazing Mirror, Nightmare in Dreamland, and Squak Squad.)

-HUD (Heads-Up Display) is now on the bottom screen of the DS, and is different from the original. (Since it's on the bottom of the screen, they put in more information, such as the name of the game you're playing, and various other tidbits such as a map for Dyna-Blade and a progress meter for Gourmet Race)

-The pause menu. (Descriptions of abilities and their commands are written and mapped out differently. You also have the option to return to the main menu DURING gameplay.)

-The Ability Icons in the HUD. (They're circles now. Kirby's original ability icons from Super Star are located in the pause menu.)

-Some mini-bosses may have been weakened (Kracko and Poppy Bros Sr. are noticeably easier to beat in Spring Breeze)

-The Controls (The controls aren't the same as they were in Super Star. Jump is changed from B to A, Inhale from Y to B, and Copy from A to X. Y makes you jump now for whatever reason.)

-The Title Screen (Other than the obvious name change, the Kirby now blinks, and is no longer Beam Kirby, but a regular Kirby)

-The File Screen (The files screen is totally different. Three files, each w/ a Kirby face that changes emotions when you access this screen, w/ the icon that represents the last game played in a circle on the other end of your file. There's also an option for playing a multiplayer Mini-games or Spring Breeze w/ ppl who don't have a card. Finally, when you load your file you're asked if you want to use local wi-fi to play with a friend, or play alone)

-The Main Menu (Still looks like a pegboard w/ stuff pinned on, but the pictures used to represent the games are now different. Bottom Screen shows which games you can select, top screen shows info and high scores.)

-Title Screens for each game (They've recieved new logos, backgrounds, and/or icons that appear next to the NEW GAME and CONTINUE options.)

-Minigames (They've removed Megaton Punch and Samurai Kirby. Sucks. They've been replaced with three new ones.)

-Initial Games selectable (Unlike the original, which gave you Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, and the Great Cave Offensive, you're limited to Spring Breeze at first.)

-Unlocking games (After clearing games, when you return to the main menu you're told what've unlocked and can now play)

-3D rendered videoclips (These replace the intros and endings to the games, as well as the opening intro to Super Star Ultra. You can watch them again under an option on the main menu.)

-The Beginner Show (Unlike the original, which allowed you to practice the moves they talk about and move around, the beginner's show just tells you what to do, and how you do it. Also, the script has been changed. They can be viewed again at the options menu.)

So yeah, that's the new stuff. If you don't like spoilers, or don't want to know any further about the game then don't read on; as I'll be talking about the game even further.

First off, as to why they changed the controls when they already had a decent set up for the SNES ver. of Super Star, I'll never get. Second, I REALLY don't like the fact that they limit you to playing Spring Breeze ONLY when you start the game. Lastly, they got rid of Megaton Punch which was really fun and had a nice track.

But if once you get over that, they game is ludicrously fun. Every enemy and ally is animated well, and manages to maintain the fluid animation that made the SNES version look nice. What's neat is that despite the fact that the tracks sound like they were BARELY changed from the SNES version, they still sound great.

This game is the definition of a Kirby game, vast, playable for people of all skill levels, looks nice, has decent replayability, and most importantly fun. The only way you wouldn't like this title is if you don't like running around as a pink marshmallow.

I can't wait to see what else this remake has in store. I've heard rumors about being able to play as Dedede and Meta Knight, and if they're true then this game is officially becoming one of my favorites.

(But of course, nothing beats Knuckle Joe.)

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