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Friday, October 10, 2008

Day off. Righteous.

Today was kickass. I got the day off of school and got a chance to catch up on some Z's.

Sleeping at 3 in the morn isn't fun kiddies; nor is it healthy.

Anyway, besides catching up on sleep, I got to catch up on some comics, and Super Star Ultra.

Uhhh... this game even more addicting than the original Super Star.

Well, after beating The Great Cave Offensive, and Milky Way Wishes, I unlocked the Arena and Revenge of the King modes.

The Arena is STILL hard as hell, just like I remembered. Beat 12 bosses before getting my ass handed to me.

The Revenge of the King was pretty cool, considering it's just a harder version of Spring Breeze. The tracks played when you face Kabula and Masked Dedede are badass.

Meta Knightmare Ultra is insanely cool. Especially since you can save after you beat each game. (Playing Nightmare in Dreamland would've been just as badass, if you weren't given only THREE units of health and could actually SAVE or play the mini-games.)

But in any case, playable Meta Knight! Can't wait to unlock Helper to Hero so I can finally play as Knuckle Joe =D

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