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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gosh dern Pokemon today.

When it comes to the old school pokemon, I'd say "damn, I just caught a Articuno", or "hey my Growlithe is now an Arcanine!" and would think that's pretty hot. Even the Gold/Silver/Crystal ones were cool. (Heck, anyone who has the patience to catch the running dog Pokemon has my respect, those things are a PAIN to catch.) But when it comes to Ruby/Sapphire, I'd remember saying, "Oh hey a Luvdisc, big whoop."

Some of the newer ones just aren't as cool as the older ones in my opionion. There ARE some cool ones, like Zigzagoon's evolved form, Plusle and Minum, Swellow, and the Whale thing.

But Pokemon are supposed to be objects, or animals... what the heck is Reggice supposed to be based off of???

Well, Scott Ramsoomair of VGCats fame has a comic that can relate:


For those who like pokemon, and/or Scott's work he also does a pokemon comic: (which brings back oh-so many fond memories from Blue lol)

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