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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Afterschool Days

M'kay, I finally finished School Days, and even watched the Valentine Days OVA.

It was intresting, and the story was brilliant. The story had lots of drama and suspense, and of course let's not forget the shocking conclusion.

But at times, the story bothered me. Makoto is introduced as this spazzy guy who's terrible at getting girls. All of a sudden he's terrible at keeping his pants on and is seen with almost every female in the cast. In the end, it's not exactly clear as to why he becomes a philandering mess. And then there's the ending. It's sad really, he finally gets a last chance at redemption but his inability to tell the truth at crucial moments attributes to his demise.

Watching Makoto is painful, because he's a mess. In the beginning he's a spaz who rushes things, and later on becomes this philanderer that makes you miss when he was a spaz. Overall, the latter episodes make you miss the more lighthearted feel of the earlier ones. But I guess that's what makes School Days so intresting to watch. You keep wondering if things'll be okay.

But they won't, and you don't get to load after you get the bad ending.

Y'know, I bet there're tons of people who didn't like the ending. If they re-did the ending and made it slightly more positive, then I bet they'd make a lot of money. Hey, it worked for Kinnikuman Nisei.

So if you're going to watch School Days, definitely watch until the fifth episode, because it all goes downhill afterward. School Days is actually really good until the more serious episodes.

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