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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ryusei no Rockman/MegaMan Star Force

Today's topics pertains to one of the most iconic franchises in video game history...


Today we'll be covering the TV Anime "Ryusei no RockMan/MegaMan Star Force" based on the DS titles of the same name.

If you've watched and/or are a fan the RockMan.EXE (also known as MegaMan NT Warrior, but the English dubbed versions was nothing like the original) anime, you'll notice the two flow rather similarly. The episodes are ten minutes each, very much like RockMan.EXE Beast+ and the Saru no Getchu/Ape Escape anime, because they are aired along with the Saru no Getchu/Ape Escape anime, but have decent pacing and it's not that hard to follow. The RockMan.EXE and Ryusei/Star Force anime are strikingly similar, although it's not really a surprise considering the same dev. worked on the games they're based on.

And now for some boring intro for people who don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

The story takes place in the distant future, where EM waves make everyday life convenient. However, viruses tend to complicate things, very much like they do today. These viruses are taken care of easily with a swipe of a battle card, which contains data that combats and deletes the viruses. The Transer, which these cards are swiped into, are terminals that are attatched to a person's arm and are capable of e-mail, video conferencing, and all sorts of nifty functions; making them like Giant PDA's that're stuck to your arm. Each one is connected to a satellite, Pegasus, Dragon, and Leo and people of different satellites can from brotherbands which are basically like a person's Fave 5 or top 8. The story focuses on an elementary school student Subaru Hoshikawa/Geo Stelar and his encounter with the FM-Alien War-Rock/Omega-Xis, and their run-ins with other FM Aliens.

Each episode is only ten minutes long, but covers/advances enough plot to keep viewers intrested. Speaking of the plot, the story is extremely similar to the games, but deviates from the story here and there, such as the backstory of Tsukasa/Pat, Luna, and the situations dealing with the FM-aliens. The show as a normally up-beat comedic tone, but also has a couple of serious plotlines with more dramatic scenes, and usually transitions flawlessly between the two.

The animation quality is great, and captures the high-tech world where the story takes place quite nicely, not to mention the soundtrack is fitting, with a couple of catchy tunes here and there.

This series contains many of the elements that made me fall in love with it's predecessor RockMan.EXE, and has me eagerly awaiting the sequel.


So... are the newbies gone? Rad. Here's some random rantage.

The show is so much like RockMan.EXE which is pro'lly why I love it so much. The show's attitude is more upbeat than the game, but it doesn't deviate too much so it's still enjoyable. Although I have to admit, the FM-ians change from badasses to dumbasses was a funny one. The thought of Libra becoming a game show host and feeding the rest of the FM-ians is priceless.

But I do miss the Pat/Tsukasa plotline, it makes more sense as to why Gemini is two people. I also liked the character development they did with Geo within the game, as it made certain aspects of the plot more intresting.

I love how the RockMan anime (both EXE and Ryusei/Star Force) turns the annoying ass enemies like CutMan, StoneMan, BombMan, SharkMan, Ox Fire, Cygnus Wing, and Cancer Bubble into uber bad-asses.

Okay... maybe not CutMan, and DEFF not Cancer haha.

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